What Makes A Good Business Leader?

What does it take to be a good business leader?

As a team manager, you must master the following 4 elements to demonstrate leadership:

1. Frequently communicate the purpose of the organization
The first thing to share with your team is your organization’s purpose. You have to communicate it. You need to remind your team who your target customers are and what your business exists for.

2. Define the specific objectives of each employee
The second thing that a good leader must do is to define, for each of the members of the organization, the role and the specific objectives. It must determine specific objectives by department, but also by individual. Employees need to understand why their goals are important in the department as well as in the overall plan of the organization.

3. Offer the necessary resources to its employees
The third element that the leader must do is to ensure that each employee has the resources to achieve their goals. In terms of resources, it is indeed financial resources when there is a budget to manage, but also equipment and technology resources. Every employee should have access to the tools they need to perform.

4. Perform follow-ups to measure the progress of the objectives
The fourth role of the leader is to ensure, on a regular basis, that his employee is behaving well and that he is achieving his objectives, according to a schedule that he has established with his employee. The leader obviously has elements to measure the objectives and to report on the progress of the employee’s work in achieving his objectives.

When the leader notices that an employee is falling behind in achieving his goals, he should ask his employee what he can do to help him.

In summary, a good leader is at the service of his employees so that they achieve success and achieve their goals.

Questions great leaders ask:
What can I do to help you?
What can I do to further improve your results?
What can I do to make it even better for you?

Eleanore Frinqois

Eleanore Frinqois, Lead Editor at BusinessGrowthCoaching.co.uk is a business leader with over 30 years in both start-up and enterprise level organisations. Previously Operations Directer at a £1.8BN media group, alongside setting-up and later selling 3 digital brands - Eleanore has expertise across all aspects of business growth.

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