Mentoring and Networking in UK Business

Mentorship and Networking in UK Business – List of UK Entrepreneurship Networking Events

Are you a first-time entrepreneur looking to get out and network with like-minded people? Challenge yourself and take the next big step in your business journey – join one of the UK’s networking events!

Whether you’d like to learn from a globally successful entrepreneur, develop your skills or meet potential customers and partners – there’s a networking event for everyone! ‍ ‍

Here at Business Growth Coaching we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your business journey so, to get you started, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic UK entrepreneurship networking events you can attend.

1. Women Who Connect – Grow Your Network

Women Who Connect run a variety of events, lectures and networking evenings throughout the UK to give ambitious women the opportunity to grow their networks and find strength in collaboration.

Their mission is to provide a warm welcoming environment where attendees can connect in ways that are meaningful and leads to real opportunities ✨.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet a range of talented female entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, attend topical events and ask for advice from experienced business owners.

2.Startup Grind London

Startup Grind London is an event with the goal of bringing startup cultures together, fostering ideas and inspiring action . At each Startup Grind event, you’ll have the chance to meet some of the most successful entrepreneurs and thought-leaders from the tech industry.

This is a great opportunity to dive into a wide range of topics, ranging from innovation strategies to business branding. ‍ ‍

3.Global Cyberelo – Events & Networking

Global Cyberelo are a fantastic organisation that run regular London-based events.

These events have been developed to drive value for cyber security professionals ❗ and C-levelers. Whether you’d like to gain professional advice from seasoned security experts or network with the latest businesses in the industry – Global Cyberelo will have something for you.

Boasting impressive previous guests such as Cisco’s Chief of Security and Compliance ➡️ and Microsoft’s Senior Security Researcher ‍ – these events are definitely an inspiring one to add to your list.

4.Startup Saturdays

Startup Saturdays run events across the UK for individuals passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship

At each event, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in workshops lead by industry experts, listen to inspiring entrepreneurs and be part of a collaborative network ❤️.

Alongside the educational content and networking opportunities, the team at Startup Saturdays also run mentorship programmes ❗.


We hope that this list of UK entrepreneurship networking events has been helpful and shown you the range of brilliant opportunities out there .

Remember that networking is all about making genuine connections and long-lasting relationships – so don’t forget to have fun and make the process your own!

For more information, advice and mentoring from Business Growth Coaching – head over to our website ✅.

Good luck on your business journey