Courses, Webinars and Workshops

Courses, Webinars & Workshops

Learning is essential for any ambitious entrepreneur. Whether it’s time management, understanding legal frameworks, or how to market your business, knowledge is power in the business world. Business Growth Coaching offers a comprehensive list of educational resources for UK entrepreneurs, including courses, webinars & workshops.


Courses are the perfect way to gain knowledge and understanding in almost any subject. We compile a regular list of courses for entrepreneurs, from basic business skills to more advanced topics. Whether you’re a time-pressed entrepreneur looking for short, online courses or those with more flexibility, looking for a lengthier curriculum and in-person classroom experience – there’s something for everyone.

Online Courses

Classroom Courses


Webinars are ideal for those with tight schedules or little spare time. They focus on a specific subject, broken down by an expert in the field, giving you a concise yet comprehensive understanding of the topic. As well as being incredibly convenient, Webinars are often free to attend.


Workshops are ideal for those who prefer to learn through discussion and active problem-solving. By effectively working through potential scenarios with industry pros, and other like-minded entrepreneurs, you’re sure to leave feeling inspired and with a better sense of how to tackle common problems.

At Business Growth Coaching, we believe continuous education and upskilling is the key to success. Investing in your knowledge is an investment in the future of you and your business. The courses, webinars, and workshops listed here are a great way to become more successful as an entrepreneur in the UK. If you need help choosing any of the resources, or would like to discuss further education options, please contact us.