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Welcome to UK Entrepreneur Education

Welcome to the Business Growth Coaching hub for entrepreneurs in the UK! Growing and evolving a company is no small feat, and so we wanted to provide some helpful resources – embodied in podcasts and YouTube channels – that you can use to get further insight and advice in your business journey.


Podcasts are immensely popular for entrepreneurs, providing easily accessible snippets of useful and inspiring advice. We have compiled a few of our favourites which are definitely worth a listen:

The Entrevy Podcast

Hosted by Sarah Mick, the podcast aims to provide actionable insights into building a successful business. Guests include well-known entrepreneurs from within the UK across all industries, discussing their tips and tricks for success. Plus, Mick adds her own expertise on how to scale up.

Higher Ground

Higher Ground focuses on entrepreneurs and creatives who are changing the game for the better. The podcast uncovers the secrets to success and interviews a range of UK entrepreneurs from the world of fashion, music, and video games. Dive into the insightful conversations which could help propel your venture to the highest level.

Startup Nation

Most entrepreneurs will need some financial stability before they can take their business to the next level. Startup Nation discusses the issues around business funding, and you’ll often hear entrepreneurs share insights on how they managed to secure investment. Plus, the podcast host Oliver Bridge offers advice tailored to the UK market.

The Growth Hub

The Growth Hub features some of the country’s top entrepreneurs, sharing their most useful advice. The podcast is run by one of the UK’s leading business accelerators and it provides interviews, case studies, and advice from experienced entrepreneurs. It’s also worth noting that the podcast occasionally covers topics such as franchising, which can be beneficial within the UK context.

YouTube Channels

Alongside podcasts, there are plenty of excellent YouTube channels which would benefit entrepreneurs in the UK. Here are a few of our top picks to get you started.

Grit & Hustle

Grit & Hustle offers inspiring videos for entrepreneurs in the UK. The channel is full of useful advice from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, as they share their secrets for success. You’ll also find interviews with founders who discuss how they started their businesses and overcame the various challenges.

Startup Grind UK

Startup grind UK offers advice to entrepreneurs of all levels, and interviews some of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the country. Plus, you can find inspiring stories from newcomers to the world of small business. It’s easy to lose motivation, so the uplifting content on this channel can help keep your focus!


Okdork is the channel run by entrepreneur and author Noah Kagan. The channel offers an array of videos to help you get your small business up and running, as well as advice from experienced entrepreneurs. Gain insights into how to fund your venture, how to hit the ground running, and general industry trends.

These Resources Can Help

As an entrepreneur in the UK, the options and resources available for advice and guidance can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive list of helpful podcasts and YouTube channels – to help you duration your journey from where you are to where you want to be. Resources such as these can be extremely valuable, as you’ll hear different perspectives and opportunities which open up different possibilities.

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential that you keep learning and expanding your knowledge. With this in mind, please check back here regularly for more great educational resources. Additionally, don’t forget to make use of our free business coaching services for any further advice you may need.