Reels, Tiktok & Importance of Short Marketing Videos

Short videos have taken over virtually every social media platform. Whether it’s TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts or Pinterest Idea pins, this highly dynamic format is more popular than ever. In fact, according to surveys conducted by the Hubspot site, marketing professionals believe that short videos are the publications that generate the most potential customers (leads) and engagements with the public.

Why are short videos so popular?

With the abundance found on social networks, short, fun and playful content is popular. By having a limited duration, the creators are obliged to go to the essential and to make their message “punchy” to reach their targets. According to YouTube analysts, this format is the favorite of younger generations.

Create proximity

They also make it easy to establish a feeling of closeness with the spectators. Born thanks to the TikTok social network, these videos are shot on smart phones, often spontaneously. We prefer immediacy and authenticity to aesthetics. The fact that they are short allows users to listen to several in one listening session.

The use of short videos as a brand

The different brands using this kind of content can thus build their community more quickly. Also according to the Hubspot survey, 47% of marketers surveyed believe that short videos are more likely to go viral. It is also a perfect format for testing different formulas in order to find the one that brings the most results.

What type of content should I produce?

With this type of content, there are no limits or restrictions: you can create whatever you want. However, a shoe factory has as many advantages as one that creates yogurts to show off.

Here are some examples of short videos you can produce.

Highlight your experts to educate your customers

Your experts are an incredible resource, but in stores, they can only talk to one person at a time. Use simple videos to explain certain principles to your potential customers who will then arrive better prepared for their purchases. By revealing that you’ve mastered your subject, chances are they’ll be more confident.

Along the same lines, you can show off all the hard work and expertise that goes into creating one of your products. This will allow potential customers to have a better appreciation of the value of what you do.

Without forgetting that you humanize your company and highlight your values!

Show what your products are capable of

Can your knives slice three tomatoes at once? Can your tape stop a water leak in no time? Show it! The excellence of your products is a powerful selling point.

Present your creative processes

Several companies have seen their sales increase after publishing short videos in which they present the creation of their product. For example, you could present the manufacture of your candles, your clothes or your pizzas!

The mere fact of observing the creation of a product or the implementation of a service adds great value in the eyes of customers.

Show what your community can do

Sometimes our clients amaze us. They achieve impressive results using what you sell. Encourage them to generate content with your products by promoting their creations.

Also called user generated content , this type of short video is the easy way to do marketing. In some cases, you can reuse the content on your social networks. Enjoy it, it’s free content!

People have been shown to trust social media referrals from amateurs more than those from influencers or brands.

Unpack your offers

Unboxing , or unboxing , videos are still very popular. After all, we like to see in advance what we are paying for. This will allow you to showcase your packaging and what is in it.

You can also create videos in which you prepare orders. You will be able to showcase your processes and show the tops of your business.

Make updates

If you have an active community, the short format is perfect for reaching your members quickly. You can do this to give details on the progress of a project, show new features or even a new product.

Do not hesitate to ask what they think in comments: you could collect very useful information.

Before you get started, do some research and save the content that interests you. You can use them as inspiration later.

This video format makes it easy to communicate with your customers without having to invest a lot of money. Some are still reluctant to do so, but the results are impressive. Why not do some testing? The game could well be worth the candle.

Eleanore Frinqois

Eleanore Frinqois, Lead Editor at is a business leader with over 30 years in both start-up and enterprise level organisations. Previously Operations Directer at a £1.8BN media group, alongside setting-up and later selling 3 digital brands - Eleanore has expertise across all aspects of business growth.

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