Recruiting a Managing Director or CEO

It is time. You have decided. You are going to recruit. A Managing Director or CEO. Job creation.
It’s not a routine decision, but a breakthrough decision. It’s a…decisive decision! Dangerous turn?

In an SME, recruiting a Managing Director is a strategic decision, one that commits the future in the long term, but whose impact is also immediate: it moves the lines, it shakes up habits, it hits susceptibilities… it makes waves ! I would like to reassure you, but I must not hide it from you: creating a post of Managing Director and then recruiting it is a delicate operation. It requires both determination and depth of analysis. So there are questions not to be evaded.

A Managing Director for what?

Why create an MD/CEO position? What are your goals ? What will be the objectives of your future collaborator? I’m not just talking about random, numbered goals in these uncertain times, but progress goals for your business.

The question can be put in simple, straightforward terms: what do you think needs to change in your business? It is therefore less a question of quantifying the economic objectives at maturity than of defining the conditions for success, development, or already sustainability… The point is not only to know what we want to achieve, but how we can achieve it. arrive, by what means, what developments, what revolution… and thus refine the profile of the Director you need.

But no revolution without “collateral damage”, nor profound changes without upheavals!

Certainly, your company does not have the expected results. You know you can do better. And it’s frustrating. Very frustrating. Exasperating sometimes. To lose his lucidity, his composure. But it is rare that we have to wipe the slate clean.

What do you think needs to change in your business? It was our first question. Our second is inseparable from it. According to your analysis, what should not be changed, especially not broken? Focus on identifying the fundamentals that make up your identity, the reasons for your success, your strengths… Renovation is not destruction. If the foundations were not preserved, the entire building would collapse.

A Managing Director for whom?

You are not going to recruit a Director, but your Managing Director.

From the person you recruit, you therefore expect them both to be part of the history of your company and to change it, to sit it down and make it vertical. Because your company is different, because you yourself are unique, you need to find a personality whose profile is not common, not standard, but finely adjusted to the uniqueness of your project.

And therefore adapted to the specificity of your teams, to their strengths and their shortcomings, to their problems. This presupposes a fine diagnosis. External expertise can be useful…

To recruit a General Manager in a company is to transplant him with a heart, an organ which will breathe life, you hope, but all the same a foreign organ.

Be prepared for immune reactions. Many do not happily accept having a personality come between them and the boss . They prefer to speak to God than to his saint.

It is up to you to recruit a personality capable of managing and overcoming this difficulty.

It is still up to you to think about your internal and external communication, upstream and downstream of your recruitment.

A Managing Director for whom too?

For who ? For you ! You are not going to recruit a Director, but your Managing Director, that of the manager that you are, with his personality, his points of susceptibility, his temperament… Your choice must therefore also be a personal, intersubjective choice.

Your future performance, that of your company and that of your Director, will be closely correlated to the quality of the relationship that will be built between you.

In the SMEs that I support, each manager is different from all the others. Nevertheless, many of those whose success is remarkable share a common point: they knew how to associate a personality who did not resemble them. The daring innovator flanked himself by a cautious circumspect, the unbridled salesman by a fastidious technician, the manager by a charismatic leader of men, and the creative by an empiric…

Seeing these mismatched pairs makes you wonder… How can they work together? How do these two manage to understand each other, to get along?

To explain it, we must look more closely, beyond the obvious differences. In reality, they are not exclusively complementary. At the same time, without it appearing, they spontaneously share fundamental options: values, a project, a vision of the profession, a quality of personal investment, a form of community of spirit or an unwavering loyalty… and perhaps the passion for football! This undisputed agreement allows a mutual appreciation of the contributions of each. The salesperson considers the demanding rigor of the technician, the technician values the enterprising dynamism of the salesperson. While it is so tempting to belittle the work of the other, so different.

To support you effectively, you will choose a Director who does not look like you, who is complementary, but who will also be closely attuned to you in a dimension that transcends differences and disputes.

Beyond the required skills and the desired experience, it is a personality that you must find…

Your success, even your economic success, will be human or it will not be. Your failure too!

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