Price of a web domain

What is the price of a domain name?
You have created a website, you are about to create one, you are considering a web redesign, you have the idea of ​​launching your online business…

Inevitably, you ask yourself the question of the domain name : do you really need to reserve one? Why is this important ? How much of your budget should you devote to it?

It is always welcome to know as much as possible before committing.

We are therefore going to look together at the main theme of domain names: reservation, benefits, cost, renewal…

First question – quite legitimate: do we really have to go through the reservation of a domain name?

Cost of a domain name: is it mandatory to have one?
To be accessible , your website needs a domain name . The latter takes the form of a URL ( Uniform Resource Locator).

The URL is a bit like your postal address, but on the web. In the same way that the latter lists all the elements specifying your place of residence, the domain name indicates how to find you in the immensity of the Internet network.

Yes, a domain name is mandatory so that we can access your website on the web. But how does reserving a domain name work?

Buying your domain name: how does it work?
Buying a domain name involves using the services of a registrar. Indeed, the allocation of domain names is managed worldwide by the ICAAN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

A domain name (Domain Name System (DNS)) belongs to the person (natural or legal) who filed it.

You should know that when a domain name is assigned for the first time, it cannot be assigned again.

Once you have chosen your domain name , and you have reserved it, it is yours and yours alone, it will not be reassigned. Hence the interest of thinking about renewing it, in order to keep it under the elbow. And above all, so that no ill-intentioned entity comes to seize it.

How much does a domain name cost?
The registrars are private companies, which manage the whole process of assigning domain names and their follow-up, under the final control of the ICAAN .

Having a domain name for free, is it possible?
You can also choose to create your website with a website builder , or website creation software. By using these solutions, you can reserve a domain name for free and easily. Indeed, at SiteW or Orson , your domain name is integrated into some of the subscriptions.

No need to buy a domain name in addition to creating your site.

You will be able to create your own domain name from the creation of your website. If you already have a domain name in your possession, you can also reuse it by attaching it to your new website, or its redesign.

Reserve a domain name: who to turn to?
You can directly turn to the tool with which you want to create your site. If you opt for one of our solutions, we invite you to opt for SiteW instead. You can reserve a domain name without creating a site on our platform.

The purchase of a simple domain name is €17.99/year.

reserve a domain name

We now know the advantages and the price of a domain name reservation . Here are a few additional tips to get the most out of your domain name purchase.

What is the price of a domain name: our little tips!
Reserve a domain name: for how long?
It is better to buy your domain name for several years. Registrars often offer decreasing prices, depending on whether you are buying a domain name for 1, 2 or 3 years.

This also limits the risk of forgetting to renew a domain name.

And in addition, additional bonus: the length of the reservation is valued by search engines! This is therefore of real interest for your referencing ( SEO) .

Which extension(s) for my domain name?
It is not essential to buy your domain name with several extensions. If your company and your site are aimed at :

to the French market, the .fr extension is ideal,
to international markets, the .com extension is perfect ,
to a target looking for a label, the .paris extension may make sense.
Buying a domain name: what does it bring me?
The purchase of domain name is mandatory, to ensure the presence of your company on the internet.

Your website will be perceived by its visitors, with a surplus of professionalism and credibility , if you have a domain name.

Indeed, the fact that the reservation of a domain name represents a financial cost , necessarily implies an additional seriousness on the part of site owners, or e-commerce. Because, of course, no sane person invests money lightly.

Be careful not to lose your domain name!
More than the cost of the domain name, the challenge, if you go through a service provider, is to ensure that the purchase is made in your name. You will thus be free to change providers when redesigning your website .

And then, it is likely that you will spend a lot of time, developing the promotion of your website , based on a certain web address, that you will grow your community, which will know you, suddenly, under this name. there, and not another.

It would be a shame to lose the benefit of all those months, even years, of work!

We now know all the very good reasons to rush to the ideal domain name, and to make sure to keep it. And we also know how much it costs to reserve a domain name , in order to integrate it without worries, into your budget.

Eleanore Frinqois

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