How a new online higher education institution aims to revolutionize computer science education

The past decade has seen significant technological advancements,  and the rise of new technologies has enabled citizens to have an impact on their communities. It is for this reason that more people are looking to study computer science around the world. With technology ever-changing, it is vital to offer students programs that go beyond simply teaching the basics and allow them to feel empowered.

We are living in a time when the most crucial transformations that society asks of us are inevitably accelerating, and this includes a digital one. It is essential to recognise the misalignment in the labour market between what is being taught and what businesses are looking for today, created by educational institutions and programs focusing too much on theory and not enough on practicality.

It is also necessary to highlight that the vast majority of university degree courses allowing people to lead the roles of the future are not affordable or accessible to all. The Open Institute of Technology (OPIT) recognises this need and is rolling out its first two degree programs in September, which focus on closing the gap between what is taught and what companies need from the people they employ.

These programs include a BSc in Modern Computer Science and an MSc in Applied Data Science and AI. OPIT’s Master’s program is ideal for students seeking a career at the intersection of technology and a management role within businesses. It teaches students important theory but also enables them to apply tools and methodologies to real-life business problems that can be assessed using AI and data science. The BSc Degree, instead, is for students and professionals who want to start or upgrade their career in the Computer Science field. The teaching approach is “competency based”, focused on building real skills which will be valuable from day 0 when joining companies.


The courses are set to teach the next generation of leaders in computer science how to master today’s methodologies, tools, and technologies to open up a broad array of exciting computer science career pathways. OPIT offers career-aligned degrees in the area of computer science, with the objective of training and upskilling the next generation of leaders in the field. Its degrees are fully accredited under the European Qualification Framework (EQF) by the MFHEA Authority (Malta Qualification Framework).


In order to provide graduates with practical experience based on market insights, OPIT uses a practice-oriented curriculum that is taught exclusively in English and was developed under the expert guidance of the former Italian Minister of Education, Rector Prof. Francesco Profumo, with Director, Riccardo Ocleppo.


The Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Computer Science acts as a foundational course. It is suitable for students who wish to explore a potential career in the sector and can be completed in just two years. The Master of Science Degree in Applied Data Science and AI requires a previous degree qualification in any field.

However, no technical prerequisites are required. This program aims to train professionals at the intersection of Management and Data Science / AI. Both of OPIT’s courses feature progressive assessments and accelerated pathways rather than exams. They allow students to specialize in certain areas and select non-tech modules to complement their scientific understanding.

The arrival of the two programs comes as OPIT identifies the inefficiencies associated with the traditional higher education system. Some of these include too much theory being taught with very little hands-on training. The degree programs provide students with the skills and knowledge businesses in today’s labor market truly value from graduates.


To offer students a more rounded educational experience so they can be prepared for today’s ever-transforming working world, OPIT has a faculty of high-profile international teaching staff, recruited from some of the best universities across the globe. Lecturers come from Tier-1 institutes in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Sweden, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Lebanon.


The education model is based on the need for flexibility, quality, and inclusivity and the acquisition of essential skills in future-ready sectors. OPIT harnesses a student-centric approach, delivering a combination of interactive discussions matched with online learning within a collaborative environment fostering innovation and advancement. This includes everything from masterclasses, live lessons, quizzes, exercises, videos, and digital content available for students to access whenever they need it.


As the need for more hands-on experience and student-centric programs increases, OPIT is also set to release a full schedule of new programs and degrees. These new courses will span strategic areas contributing to the global digital transition of tomorrow, such as cloud computing, cyber security, data science, and many more. The institution hopes that by launching these innovative high-quality, and affordable educational courses, they can unlock progress and employment on a worldwide scale.

Eleanore Frinqois

Eleanore Frinqois, Lead Editor at is a business leader with over 30 years in both start-up and enterprise level organisations. Previously Operations Directer at a £1.8BN media group, alongside setting-up and later selling 3 digital brands - Eleanore has expertise across all aspects of business growth.

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