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How a new online higher education institution aims to revolutionize computer science education

The past decade has seen significant technological advancements, and the rise of new technologies has enabled citizens to have an impact on their communities. It is for this reason that more people are looking to study computer science around the world. With technology ever-changing, it is vital to offer students programs that go beyond simply teaching the basics and allow them to feel empowered.

Richard Mulholland: The Power of Pervasive Communication in Business

In the realm of challenging economic landscapes, Richard Mulholland unveils the remarkable potential of persuasive communication. As the turbulence of tough economies looms, Mulholland’s insights highlight the pivotal role that communication plays in turning adversity into opportunities for growth and success.

Hiring Your First Employee

Are you planning to hire your first employee to cope with the development of your activity?

Succeeding in your first recruitment is a very important issue for the future of your company.

Managing a Remote Team

Remote working does not always allow you to properly manage your teams and keep employee motivation intact. So how do you manage your team remotely? Here are some tips to motivate your teams and keep the morale of the troops.

What Makes A Good Business Leader?

What does it take to be a good business leader? As a team manager, you must master the following 4 elements to demonstrate leadership.

Will 2023 Change Hybrid Working?

The pandemic will have changed our work habits in a way that is probably irreversible. Not only have employers who are cautious about the idea of ​​telework not had the choice to try the experience, but some employees have taken a liking to it. They don’t necessarily see themselves coming back to the office full time.

Workplace Policies For Covid-19

There are a number of important factors and considerations that have to be taken into account in order to offer employers and employees protection – both from the perspective of health and security and from a financial perspective.