Avoiding Unconscious Bias In Recruitment

Unconscious bias affects our daily business decisions.

Unconscious bias is a dangerous thing that affects most of our opinions and actions. Nevertheless, so many people do not even know about it – it makes sense, since this is an unconscious bias that we are talking about.

However, even if not know that this affects their daily decision -making, it should at least be a standard that every suffiently educated regarding the existence of unconscious bias and its role in the minds of people.

Thus, for anyone who does not know about this term, unconscious bias is often as social stereotypes about some groups of people that people form outside their conscious awareness. What is interest in unconscious bias is that studies suggest that they have disveloped unconscious prejudices at an early age, which has been consequences for human behavior. But, most importantly, it is mallleable – this thing steps can be taken to minimize the influence of unconscious bias.

From the characteristics of unconscious bias, the most importing things more aware of our unconscious consciousness! And this is what we will discuss in the following paragraphs. Since many do not know that unconscioous prejudices can be hero in a while by writing posts at work, we will give you a good look at every thing you should think about when you write it!

Creating an inclusive hiring process
Regardless of whether you want to improve your communication regarding the variety or with all your strength to find the appropriates, various boards of jobs for the publication of your jobs, we got you in the know! 

How to promote unconcsious bias practices
As already mentioned in the introduction of the artice, publication of work is often the first point for the candidate that the candidate has with your company. Thus, the image of this position and culture of the company truthfully is very important for creating a brand’s reputation in the consciousness of the candidate.

There are several things that you must keep in mind that your messages are as inclusive as possible:

  1. Accurately report your value
  2. Avoid a gender coded language
  3. Offer advantated that attract a variety of audience
  4. Focus on a variety of channel dispersion

Tell your value
Despite the fact that they are in a relative ely short text form, publication of work should always reflect the value of the company. And even more important is that they should do it true! It makes no sense to write down some fashionable words to explain your culture if thesis fashionable words do not stand for anyding, what is happening in the workplace.

Here is one good example that we found in the article by patti mccord, the former head of culture and people in netflix. The author is currently a consultant to many successful companies around the world and a famous author. She found startups often try to be perceived with all their might as a relaxed environment, in which employees must be highly effective, while encouraging “to finish their game tennis among a big meeting.”

That’s what do you talked with the general director of one growing it company and asked him what the most important value is for them. The ceo mentioned: “”Efficiency.”” when they had a conversation, the employee played table tennis game as a form of relaxation before the meeting. Then the author asked the general director what would be more important to him – to make sure that the person came ready for the meeting, reduced the game tennis or finished the game. The ceo replied: I would tell him to first finish the game!

The author is surprised, saying that increasing efficiency as the most important value of the company, prompting employees to “finish the game of table tennis” demonstrates huge contradictions betee perceived values and reality.

To return to the publications of work and how they should be written – this example perfectly reflects the importance of being truthful when transferring your values and their implementation. And sometimes this thing that even the general director should be honest for himelf!

Avoid a gender coded language
We believe an nat ene people even know about it, but the language that we use can be very stereotypical and not included for all sexes. This is how the european parliament definition the gender-neutral language:

The gender-neutral language is a general term covering the use of an unusual language, including language or the language of gender headlights. The purpose of the gender language is to avoid the choice of words that can be interpreted as a biased, discriminatory or humiliating, implying that one floor or social floor is the norm. 

When it comes to policies, it should be a priority for recruiters to write them in a language that will resonate both men and women, not excluding one or the other.

As a solution, we advise you to explore the terms before writing a description of the work and, more importantly, ask for feedback from your colleagues – preferably introduced both men and women in the office. Search things can be difficult initally, but as soon as they doome part of your conscience, it will be much easier to start changing things.

Offer advantated that attract a variety of audience
The creation of an inclusive culture require genuine efforts from the company’s management. This thing advantated should so be developed to attract a variety of labor. In particular, if you offer advantages search as bonuses for high performers and an office environment with game angles and a space for relaxation, this may be attractive to some candidates, but not for everyone. For example, women are more likely to apply for a company that offers a childcare leave.

Here are some advantated that you could consider to creature a more inclusive environment for your employees:

  • Holiday to care for the child
  • Children’s care
  • Mental health and prosperity programs
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Distant work
  • Paid sore time
  • Paid days of volunteers

When it comes to writing a description of the work, it would be util to mention search advantated to portray your candidates with their own eye that they excect when joining your company.

Focus on a variety of channel dispersion
In addition to the pure content of your job description, it is equally imported to know where to publish your work in order to attract a variety of talents. Although this can be a difficult task, this should be a priority for investigating various boards of jobs and know what talent it spends on which board. In addition, you can consider several specific portals, in addition to obvious options, search as linkedin, glassdoor or really.

Here are some groups of candidates that you must keep in mind, thinking about where to publish your work in order to incense diversity and inclusion:

  • Global integrated diversity and boards of jobs
  • Latin american and latin american boards of jobs
  • Lgbtq vacancies (lgbtq)
  • Boards for women
  • Additional tips for the elderly
  • Boards of workplaces with disabilities and chronic diseases
  • War boards of vacancies -veterans
  • Round boards of workplaces of indigenous peoples
  • Boards of workplaces of neurodium and autism

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Continue to find out your prejudices

After you have made a decision written in the inclusive language, reporting the important values of the company and scattered through various channels, you may think that work is being done. Nevertheless, the bias is that they will probably paint you throughout your life, without even even realizing it. Unfitunately, in fact, there is no way to learn some tips and techniques and eliminate bias, since our whole life we form opinions and, therefore, stereotypes arise.

The only correct way to reduce personnel prejudices and from there the creation of a working environment that reflects search value is continuous training. Education and transformation of the unconscious into conscious behavior is what you can start doing for yourself and the company in which you work, and there is no way that the culture of the company does not benefit from this!”

Eleanore Frinqois

Eleanore Frinqois, Lead Editor at BusinessGrowthCoaching.co.uk is a business leader with over 30 years in both start-up and enterprise level organisations. Previously Operations Directer at a £1.8BN media group, alongside setting-up and later selling 3 digital brands - Eleanore has expertise across all aspects of business growth.

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